Sunday, August 7, 2011

keeping calm

I just had a little chuckle to myself at the description on the right "zooming towards the end". Speed, yes, at times it feels like I have been writing the thesis for an age! Other I spent the weekend preparing the document, tidying sentences, fixing references and don't get me started on my missing images. I am going to keep calm, carry on and deal with them tomorrow. Now is not the time to stress out.

Perhaps strangely I don't mind this last part - whether thesis, essay or any other long piece of writing. My particular way of working is to go through the document, make a list, cross them off. It helps me feel like I am making tangible achievements.

I remember a talk we had as Honours students about always having in mind the question "why does this matter?" - meaning, I think, keep sight of the central issue/s, remember the reader. At times I have said "why is this important? who cares?". Today I came across this article in The Age titled "World at their Tweet" (cute). It reminded me that what I am writing about does have wider implications, it is happening. I felt better.