Tuesday, January 4, 2011

stitch in time

One of the fun parts of doing research on blogs and craft, for me anyway, is watching how trends evolve. At the moment there seems to be a bit of a thing for decorative stitiching or decoration which uses the motif of a exposed stitch.

Stitch Vase
The 'stitch' collection from Have You Met Miss Jones

'stitching postcard' by Design For Use and availabe here

Another upshot of my research project is seeing so many great craft objects made. Even in the three years of writing (plus the time before when the idea was just a tiny seed) I have seen so many fantastic crafted works and the most amazing ideas. I am always in this space of feeling inspired and on the down-side at times over-whelmed. The effect that blog images have on the reader/audience makes up a chapter of my thesis. At times I find myself trying to 'measure up' in a way to the interiors which often are included in blog posts. The domestic interior might not at first seem part of a research thesis into craft blogs, however there is almost a sub-genre of interior images, which present the home as a work-in-progress. The home as beautiful and a reflection of sub-cultural tastes.

My intention has been to show images of my own house and how the genre of the 'blog shot' has become quite stylised - however laptop dramas have left me without the ability to connect a camera. So, soon hopefully that will be sorted and I will be able to show visually what I mean.

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