Friday, January 21, 2011

up for air

Head in books, fingers on the keyboard...I have been busy, busy, busy trying to get the first complete draft of the thesis done. With both supervisors taking leave there is a desire to get me finished before the official end of my candititure. I don't feel great about this but I'll admit it has given me the little push that I needed. So, I've been going into my Uni cubicle each day, writing first thing then spending the afternoon proofreading, editing and general reading. It seems to be working ok and sometimes I feel like I am really in the swing of things and getting somewhere and yes, almost happy. Other times, well...'work is a four letter word'.

Today I met up with an academic who lives in my hometime and whose work I have read and admired. It was very generous of her. She offered some great advice towards my writing. Getting towards the end of this University life of SEVEN years I am starting to glimpse what a future might look like outside the walls. I've applied for a couple of jobs and need to keep one-eye on what will be next for me.

The book has an Amazon listing, ISBN, cover and release date - so exciting. Looking forward to reading the book (and seeing my chapter, my writing in print).

Found this gorgeous print today by Seventy Tree

Image of NEW! A3 Big Drop (Brights)

It was out of stock earlier today but back in stock now...think I just might have to make a purchase.

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