Monday, May 23, 2011

on the horizon

Recently I went along to the exhibition 'Ornate' (it just closed on the 22nd). It was an exhibition by a group of emerging artists who all use textiles within their arts practice. While not 'themed' as such, I think the idea of 'pattern' was a guide to the artists in making their work for the exhibition. In the catalogue Sera Waters describes the process of finding pattern in everyday life - something which I think we can all relate to. It seems human nature to want to find repition and order within our surroundings.
I felt really moved by the work of Ali Carpenter - and would like to see more of her work - it featured text, with embroidery in the spaces around it. Reminding me of stars on the night sky.

Also, I have been continuing to attend the Red Thread Collective meetings where we are working on a project in response to our favourite book/s. I am thinking of doing either Madam Bovary or Wuthering Heights. It is hard for me to pick a 'favourite' book but I think I could make an embroidered piece from either of these. I've been sketching and feel ready to start when I can manage a spare few hours.
A new member to the RTC does the most beautiful drawings! A link to her website. Immediately I fell in love with her illustrations - I'd love it if she published a book!

How cool is that rabbit?


The thesis deadline is obviously approaching with each day/hour/minute...whenever I work out what my actual 'word per day' target is I break into a cold sweat! Easier to just keep going I think, even fifty words feels like an accomplishment at the moment. My reward of course is getting it done and then moving on to, well who know where.

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