Tuesday, June 21, 2011

winter writing

This wintery weather we have been having in the last few days has been great. Definitely makes me want to be inside, at my desk, rather than outside.
The thesis has been progressing very nicely. I have been working to shape it towards the Final Document. Making sure the references are correct, giving a title to each chapter, even writing the acknowledgement section. At the moment I am working on my final chapter - which sadly, just isn't taking shape for me at present. It doesn't seem to have the 'flow' yet. Embarassingly, in some ways I still don't even know what this chapter is about yet. Is it to be a summing up? One of my supervisors said it could be 'future predictions' for indie craft blogging.

I know it has some comments on the aesthetics of blogging. Which, I have found, there has not been that much research on. What makes a 'good looking blog?'. How do 'we' know?

For some reason I am unable to post images today...this is very annoying!

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