Sunday, June 3, 2012

weekend to-do

It's been a mostly succesful weekend, lots of small tasks achieved. Number one on my list was to complete marking my student's final assessments - so glad to have got that all done and the grades entered. Now, on to getting ready for the next semester's lectures.

We had friends over for lunch on Saturday and with the weather being cold I made a nice tomato soup.

At the beginning of this year we became mortgage holders for the first time! Buying a block of land just down the street from where we are now. We have lived in the suburb for nine years and I am so happy that we can build in our lovely community. I love living here, it is so close to the city, work and school. Because of it's industrial hisory it is often over-looked as a desirable suburb to live in - but those in the know, just think how lucky we are. There is the best pub (The Wheatsheaf), cool cafes nearby, free tramline, good restaurants and clothes shops opening up - plus plenty of young families, so the kids have plenty of friends close by to play with.

Designing a house that will suit us for (many) years to come is slightly daunting! I walk past the vacant piece of land and try to imagine what our house will look like, what impression it will make on the landscape. At the moment I am 'sourcing' images, sketching and trying to create a list of the type of things that would make me happy in a home - top of my list is always 'light'.

This weekend I have also been working on some freelance work for clients. I have three clients at the moment in Adelaide that I am helping with their social media strategy, branding and websites. It's enjoyable work, I love the chance to help them get the look they are hoping for and help with knowing how to engage with social media. I look forward to sharing their websites when they are finished.
Home styling

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