Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bad blogger

I'm back!
Again, with not really a lot to say. I've been lecturing and tutoring the past few months, which has a way of keeping me busy. I've really enjoyed teaching this Semester, as I think I pushed myself out of my comfort zone a bit and had some of those lovely 'learning experiences' myself.

My thesis is still in the no-where zone of nobody being certain of what they should be doing with it at the moment. It has been stressing me, causing migraines which last for days - I am being pro-active now about getting something happening with it.

On the weekend I went for a quick trip to Melbourne. I love being in Melbourne and spending my time walking without a plan - just seeing what catches my eye and doing loads of walking.

I have also been spending more time on my children's art class teaching. It can be hard work in terms of setting up and planning but once in the classroom with the kids - I love it! I've been in touch with some people about possibly holding events in school holidays.
Another unexpected thing keeping me busy at the moment is I have been asked by friends to help them set up websites, blogs, pages for their small businesses. This too is enjoyable - as it reminds me - that not everyone is into social networking platforms as I am. It's interesting to listen to my friends as they explain what they want and my role in helping them.

and to finish on a positive, a nice image from the top of the Lighthouse at Port Adelaide

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