Monday, November 29, 2010

getting my craft on

One of the most common questions I am asked when discussing what I do is "So, what do you make?". My response is "oh, nothing", usually blaming this on lack of time, skills or both. I've dabbled in crocheting, done a sort-of Fashion Design certificate so I can 'kind of' sew, got frustrated by trying to cast-on when taking up knitting. However this evening I decided to give cross-stitch a go! I was spurred on by a few things; my daughter learning it at school, reading a book on Subversive stitching and some excellent examples in the 'Indie Craft'book. I also feel that cross stitch is similar to loose sketching, which is an activity I like to do.
I decided to stitch a Morrissey song lyric 'Lifeguard, save me from life' - and so far, so good! But let's's not completely out of the realm of possibility that it won't get completed.

An artist whose work is inspiring me at the moment is Hildur Bjarndottir, especially her work 'Untitled' from 1998. Love how fine the thread is and of course the skull imagery.

To help with this I am going to attend a new craft collective and hopefully this will provide the push I need to get a craft project finished and then when I get asked the question I can so, "Oh yeah, I cross stitch a little...".

An update to my previous post - it was me who read the timetable wrong. Very sorry to the organisers. I am presenting Wednesday morning - eeek!

Also writing an abstract for an upcoming conference Console-ing Passions. I'm really excited about this one, think it would be a great opportunity to present my research, plus it sounds very interesting.

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