Thursday, November 11, 2010

something I really wish I could do...

Throughout my time writing my thesis there have been so many events I wish I could take part in, while also recognising that there are heaps of great things that I have been lucky enough to get to do. However this really would be my ultimate dream come true...

You don't need to click the link, basically it details the Microsoft Summer research internships - one of my dreams...likely to remain unfulfilled.

This morning we had a 'end of year' session to talk about our year - based around the theme of travel - spoke a bit about my travel last year to Limerick for the Morrissey symposium and my trip to Sydney this year for a conference. It made me realise that I didn't travel as much this year as last and that post-grad students are a pretty well-travelled bunch of people!
Now I am writing yet another conference paper for my first presentation in my home town. It is on blog aesthetics, allusions to still life and 'branding indie craft blogs'. As I am in Visual Arts, this 'visual/aesthetic' element of the blogs has always been lurking around in the shadows and now is a good chance to address these ideas. Why do we like what we see? Is there a difference between screen image and the object? Do we prefer the screen image?
My own interest in this research topic stemmed from my own affectual feelings towards the images I was viewing on the blogs, the 'perfect' product shot, inspiring home to analyse all that.

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