Tuesday, July 19, 2011

endings and beginnings (maybe)

I'm taking a break from tidying up my paper for the upcoming Console-ing Passions conference (and also glued to the Murdoch hearing currently showing live on TV). This could be true for most people, I find that I always go through a 'cycle' (of pain?) in the lead up to presenting a paper. It starts with a sore throat which lasts about a day, then terrible fear and then the stage where I am now - excitement! Every word starts to flow on the page and I begin to imagine myself 'speaking' the words. In my own opinion I believe that I am a better speaker than writer....but perhaps I am wrong on that one. Either way, I do enjoy public speaking.

The other exciting event happening is the publication of the Morrissey book, with my chapter in it! I think the book is a fantastic collection of writing on the subject. The editors did a wonderful job. Although I have read each chapter, it will be even better when the 'real' copy lands in my letterbox. I'd also like to read any reviews, they probably will appear overseas,so forward them to me if anyone out there happens to see one.

My thesis is still chugging along. About a month ago I had this terrible feeling towards finishing it. I found it very difficult to verbalise. Many people want me to finish! I think I was nervous about being launched back into the real world (eek!), the safety of the university felt very comforting. It is a routine, I turn up to the same desk, the cafe staff know my name and drink preference. Also, strangely in my mind, I feel that the thesis is 'done' : I've lived it for so long it begins to feel as though I have finished (I haven't!). Recently though I have become very happy to FINISH! I'm beginning to see other options out there for me, outside the university. Places where I can further use my "graduate qualities".

I took a walking break last week from my desk, I have the good fortune to pick from at least four galleries on campus. I walked without really planning where I was going and arrived at the Jam Factory and saw the exhibition "Imagining Interiors" - I just had a look for it on their site and there is no information. It took as its starting point the "gothic" and in some cases, artists paired with another artist. I've noted a return to gothic recently in the work of artists within my post-grad cohort. A painting by Mary Jean Richardson of a woman with her back to the viewer, seated on a large chair, hair plaited locking her to the chair. It was beautiful, strange and haunting. The chair was also featured in the exhibition as made by Adelaide based craftsman Khai Liew.

Plenty of inspiration out there and now I might finally have time to get out there and see what is happening.

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