Thursday, October 27, 2011

these things really do take time

I took some time out after submitting my thesis to not looking at craft blogs, not spending much time on the computer at all, absolutely not going into the post-grad office, not bundling up my notes and print outs. Instead I spent a week luxuriating in the feeling of not having 'anything' to really do. It was bliss! I woke up in the morning with the strange sensation of smiling (ok, perhaps a tad dramatic) but it did feel as thought a weight had been indeed lifted.

So, then after that lovely, indulgent week I started my first tutoring position at the University. In a different School, different campus. For all intents and purposes it felt fresh and new. I found I enjoyed working with the students and fellow students. Explaining concepts, thinking of ways to make the two hours 'fun'. An especially interesting part was the students asking me about my background "you wrote a  thesis on craft blogs!", "you write about Morrissey, wasn't he a singer from the 80s?!" (better than not knowing who he is at all I guess....). At times I found it a struggle to explain why what I do matters (not that it hugely matters) but I wanted to overcome this stigma surrounding research/writing on popular culture. Particularly interesting as they are media studies students. As soon as I got over my own apologising - see fashademic's recent post for another example of this feeling - I found that it became easier to elucidate just why it is worthy. This made me feel more positive about my work, as I think I had been suffering post-submission blues. The examiners will hate it! It's the least needed thesis ever! You know, those kinds of feelings...

This weekend I am re-engaging with indie craft at the local Bowerbird Bazaar. A few of the bloggers I wrote about will be there and it will be great to meet some of them for the first time.

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