Sunday, December 18, 2011


This time of year is great for craft, with so many markets on it becomes easier to go out and see what is new. While also indulging in buying something nice. I always have good intentions of buying with others in mind, but quite often I buy for myself.
In my thesis there is a chapter regarding the burgeoning 'indie craft market' scene and the, in my mind, delicate balance between fitting within a certain 'look' or indie aesthetic. Taste cultures and trends play an important part. I am also very curious about the creative process, seeing how the object is made. That's why blogs act as such a useful portal into the 'work in progress' and I liken them to a form of online artists studio. It's so exciting to see intial prepatory sketches, notebooks, experimentation with form, colour and design and then - the final crafted item!

Recently in my hunt for the handmade gift I have been to a few local markets. First up was Bowerbird, which caters to the 'top end' of the handmade market. Things are a little more pricey than other craft markets. This year on my 'must see' list was the work of Handmade Love, a blog I have been reading and admring for a few years now it seems. I knew a print for a special someone was the way to go. I only wish I had bought one for myself too - luckily, the shoppe is having 20% off at the moment, very tempting.

Image of Banana cream pie recipe print
Image - copyright Dawn Tan, Handmade Love

I absolutely love it and I'm hoping the person who is receiving it will feel the same. The recipe has special memories for me.

The next market I went to was the Box Factory Christmas market, this being the venue where the Red Thread Collective meetings are also held. So, I was looking forward to seeing members of the Collective as I have been missing out on meetings due to work. The market was nice, with plenty of second hand stalls and cakes to be bought. I got a nice woolen jumper for H, a 'Pains of Being Pure at Heart' CD, Martin Amis novel and then went to the Red Thread stall where I bought a lovely mug, bottle opener and wooden Christmas tree decoration from Luka. All for me! I really love her work and could quite easily have my house full of her drawings.

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