Sunday, January 1, 2012

"and the wild regrets"

Like a few posts that I've seen around at the start of the New Year, I am wondering if it time here for a blog re-design. Or perhaps, re-purpose. With my thesis back from the examiner's and that part of my life nearly finished with, I have been wondering what will happen with the under-used blog of mine.

My thesis came back with two wildly different reports. To add yet another complicated layer to this journey I suppose. I felt really upset and let down by my Supervisor, so many things went wrong and this is the result I was expecting. It has been hard to remain 'up' and to not worry when I feel that it is my future which is being played with and disregarded. A wise friend emailed and I am taking her advice of just doing what needs to be done. Write the edits, get it done and not worry about the behind scenes machinations. I felt so proud when the thesis was heat bound and while I don't think I will ever feel happy with my experience at that certain University, to treat this as a chance to learn from can only be a good thing.

Cherry cake made by my daughter for a Christmas party

favourite view in my lounge room
So, what will be next for me? I'm thinking that I will use this stretch of extremely hot weather to daydream and plan. Happy New Year everyone and thanks for reading.

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