Saturday, February 5, 2011

and when I'm lying in my bed

First blog post composed on the phone, in bed. With the start of the school year things have returned to their 'normal' pattern. Not sue I like it, I was getting used to working to whatever hours suited me. Once again, I am back to the 9-3 blocks of time.
I really want to get a complete, first draft done by Wednesday as I have a meeting with supervisors and the Head of Post -grad research. But...we'll see. Another 20,000 words isn't that much right?

Yesterday I went with my friend to walk through the most amazing made us want to weep! I'll post pictures later when on a computer rather than mobile device. Funny, we both felt kind of depressed and deflated after our look at the house.Perhaps knowing it exists but cannot be either of ours was/ is too much.

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