Sunday, February 13, 2011

the systems

Here are a couple of pictures of the house that I mentioned in my last post. It went to auction this morning, but I couldn't make it...wonder how much it sold for and hope that it will be cared for by the new owners.

Rostrevor Real Estate - 3 Marola Avenue Rostrevor SA 5073Rostrevor Real Estate - 3 Marola Avenue Rostrevor SA 5073

I've had a pretty bad week, University 'stuff' has been getting  me down. I even went to see a counsellor about it (or Learning Advisor) as they are named. That was beneficial as she helped me to focus on what was immediately important and what I could put aside to deal with later. Supervisors taking leave, no tutoring work for this upcoming semester. The writing up stage, sigh, it is so hard. But, I've decided that my only real option is to just keep pushing on - the best revenge will be a completed thesis.

So, other than that it has just been work, work, work. I haven't even really been checking out that many blogs - other than Fashademic, Home Cooked Theory and Door Sixteen.
Perhaps having a break from reading craft blogs will provide me with the clear head space to do the writing.

I did get some good news this week, I had my abstract accepted for the Console-ing Passions conference in late July.

I'm also looking forward to the Format zine and DIY Festival

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